Wanna see those comments in the Notification Center on your Mac? How many unread (and total!) comments are on your blog at a glance?

Comments is your new friend, it’ll let you know, and one click later, you’re approving, marking as spam or replying! Note: To work correctly, the app requires at least WordPress 2.7, and has been tested with the latest version of WordPress! 

So what are the features?

★ Add all your blogs in one app – Simply enter the URL, username and password, and Comments.app will auto-discover (much like the amazing MarsEdit does).
★ Integrates with Mountain Lion’s Notification Center! If you don’t need to read or search your comments, you’ll never need to open Comments.app’s main Window!
★ Reply to comments in-app! No need to go to the web interface anymore!
★ Change Status (Approved, Awaiting Moderation, Spam) of a comment in-app, in one click!
★ Comments are displayed in a tree (when the blog supports threading!)
★ Comments.app will also auto-discover multiple blogs on the same domain, and add them all at once!
★ See in the Menu Bar the total amount of “unread” comments you have – See as well for each blog an item that tells you how much for each one.
★ Decide wether you’d like to retrieve Approved, Waiting for Moderation or even Spam (off by default!) comments.
★ For each status, decide fine-grained what kind of Notification you want (Menu Bar, Menu Bar Item, Notification).
★ Open the Main Window and see all your previously downloaded comments, from all your blogs, sorted by posts!

Whether you just got a WordPress blog or you already have 10 of those in different flavors, you should look at Comments.app as the optimal solution to manage your Comments.